Monday, March 7, 2011

First Performance in T-48 hours

So, march is here.
My school is booked for at least ten different "St. Patrick's Day" performances. I am signed up to participate in three. I thought I was clever though. I made my first performance for the second week of March so I would have a week or so to redouble my efforts and practice lots in preparation.

This excellent plan would have been fail proof had I not come down with a nasty chest cold for the entirety of that week. At least three days were spent coughing, wheezing and sleeping. So, now my first performance - of the season, and of my new dance career- is Wednesday. It's Monday Night.

I'm screwed.

Besides being a week without practice, I look like a sausage spilling out of it's casing in the god-awful leotard I have to wear under my floofy blue skirt. Can't do much on that subject, but I was hoping for more time to wrap my head around being seen in public like that.

Then there is my hair. I fought for months, curlers vs. wig. In the end, I went with my gut. I hate wigs, I didn't want one, so I got the curlers. After a miserable self curling experience, I had one of my teachers show me how to curl properly. And when I took those spikes out of my hair, I had the most beautiful, shiny, soft and charming ringlets I could ever dream of. There was just one teensy problem to ruin my curled bliss. My normally shoulder length hair, when put into tight ringlets, looks like I have a ringlet-fro. Yep, The curls were barely an inch off of my head.

So now I have little over a day to loose 20 pounds, become infinitely better at dancing AND to find somewhere in po-donk PA to buy a wig.

What am I getting myself into???

Wish me luck gang - this is going to be a fun few days!