Sunday, December 9, 2012

Irish Dance and Money

Here we go again everyone.

I seem incapable of holding a job for any extended amount of time. Luckily, I am *finally* employed again, but I'm 2 months behind on class fees, haven't been to class since October, and will most likelly not be able to go to the feis that I've being eyeing up for the new year, cause registration opened last week, and it is already almost filled, and it will be another three weeks or so until I have bounced back from the financial drought. Yet another thing that sucks being an adult I guess. I mean, I know it sucks as a kid when you can't dance cause your parents can't afford it (been there, done that) but as an adult it sucks a fair bit more. You have money in your hands, but you know it needs to be spent a million other ways. At least as a kid, you just have absolutely no control over the situation and can at least be a little petulant about it.

The feis thing is really bothering me today. I was so looking forward to this one. It is LITERALLY a half hour away from my front door! I mean, none of this waking up at the crack of dawn and driving 2 hours crap. And I was feeling pretty confident in my new steps, up until this new hiatus, after a year of starts and stops. My TC must think I am a nut case.

This may sound silly, but has anyone ever thought of setting up an Irish Dance "Scholarship"? Obviously, I am not looking for myself, but I'm just reminded how many tears I shed growing up because I wanted to dance soooo badly, but my parents could barely afford to feed me, none the less indulge my passion for an expensive hobby. Maybe once I am filthy rich I will start one. Or maybe, just once I am solidly employeed again, I will start one. I can't see it being too hard. Start a paypal/bank/whatever kind of account for any monetary donations that would go towards tuition and feis fees. Maybe give money to kids nominated by classmates or friends, etc. Maybe after a while, also have an items donation section. Any used shoes, dresses, etc, that are no longer needed. Instead of selling, donate! Of course, I don't see many being willing to part with their kids $2000 Gavin that was only worn twice before they out grew it, but maybe that first solo from a few years back that they haven't been able to sell yet. . . . I have seen, witnessed and felt so much good will amongst the ID community that I can't help but feel that something like this could catch on. I think I have heard of similar stuff on school level, etc, at least for like shoes and such but I think it would be really neat if it was a universal kind of thing.

Anyway . . . . one more dance related dream that I never seem able to pull off . . . .I will just add it to the list.

I've been trying to practice and work out while I am still out, so that I am not knocked back onto my ass, once I am back at class, but who am I trying to kid? I have a hard time drilling myself even when I am in class. I was looking through youtube vids and pics from all the different region's Oireachtas and I saw a girl, not sure what reigion, who was maybe in the U16 crowd (? I am terrible at guessing age since the wigs and make-up tend to age kids) who was SOOO high on her toes, I seriously questioned for a second if I should just quit now while I remain mostly uninjured! I love the competitive nature of Irish, and the constant changing, but I don't remember dancers being that tippy-toed ten years ago. I, no matter how hard I work, will NEVER be able to go that high on my toes. My feet just aren't built for it. And If I try, the money invested will skyrocket even more, cause of the intense medical bills that I will have to pay for - maybe my Irish Dance charities should also include a medical donation! So anyway, with this nauseatingly beautiful photo of a girl who is so remarkably talented, I can't help but wonder if it's worth it. And then, I smack myself and say, "yes, yes it is" cause it makes me so DAMNED happy. Better then a gym, better then a therapist, better then, dare I say it? Cheesecake???


Guess that is it for now, everyone, anyone who still may be listening.


I am going to try and do the whole goal thing, in preperation of the New Years resolutions, that I always forget to make

Goal for the week; Drink more water. At least 1 glass a day (hey, cut me some slack, I need to start small! I HATE drinking water)