Monday, July 23, 2012

Three Weeks, Three Dances

So, I am three weeks in to classes at my new school, and, dare I say it? I am actually catching on pretty quick. That's right ladies and gents, despite seven months of not dancing, of dancing in a room that feels like an oven, no week time or place to practice, having resigned myself to dancing with five year olds, my having gotten bigger and my thighs getting wobblier, I have learned the majority of both steps of my Reel, Jig and Hornpipe in three classes.THEE dances in three weeks folks.

All the changes haven't been bad. Despite having always struggled with the Hornpipe, I have both steps reasonably enough learned that I am now also learning my directions on it. The hardest part of all my new steps is that the mechanics are all the same as the old steps, but in different order, or spliced together differently. So, I am trucking along in my reel, and all of a sudden, I am doing the old step. Aggravating, but not a huge deal.

In other news, I have indulged a bit. However a brand new, super-whamadine sports busten-halter can be justified as a need. It only took me months of tralling the Victoria's Secret Website, waiting for it to be in stock and for a good coupon. I know, maybe this is all verging onto TMI, but as an adult irish dancer, good support is a big freaking deal. I can now say, to all the other grown up dancers over a B cup who can never really find a bra that works, I can totally recommend the VSX Pro Sports Bra. It's pricy but worth it. Not only does it provide great support without having to wear 2 traditional sports tops with it, it doesn't created the ever dreaded uni-boob as it has a built in underwire. It's super soft, breaths amazingly well, and isn't a FREAKING RACER BACK! I hate Racer back sports bras. This clips in the back and has straps that are just a little more heavy duty then a regular bra.

Next spoil might need to be new hard shoes. Mine are in perfect shape, but that's just the thing, 11 year old dance shoes should NOT be in perfect shape. This might be why no one wears the tan soled hards any more. I tried on some of the Fay's black soled at Celtic Fling Feis, at Irish Dance Outfitter's stand, and brand new they felt emphatically more flexible then my current beasts. Also, the chiseled toe was wider and flatter, which would make those toe stands easier once I get back there. It's not a need though, and unfortunatly, being adult, as always, means budgeting. I wonder if one of the new Boyne Walk Curves could count as a need???

So, I guess that's it for now. No big news, sorry gang. Have decided that an Irish Dance themed novel sounds like a good idea however.

We shall see I suppose. Will keep you posted