Thursday, January 23, 2014


So . . . I have yet to manage to find that perfect balance of dance/rest of life. Let me sum up the last few months (both sides of life)

1. Got Engaged
2. Immedietly started planning wedding
3.Started learning St. Patrick's day and was doing pretty well with it
4. Extra curricular church type things in the process of becoming a member
5. Christmas and all the brands of crazy that entails (including a road trip to another state to see all of the extended family that hasn't seen you since pre-engagement.)
6. Missing my only winter feis because of above said road trip.
7. Started class again after holiday break.
8. Realized I have forgotten pretty much everything I learned of the St. Patrick's day
9. Got another year older. Yep. I'm offically ancient as far as Irish Dance goes.
10. Miss 2 weeks of classes due to exhaustion, over time at work, and bridal expos.
11. Going to bed tonight with the shocking realization that I have a feis in a week from Saturday at which time I am signed up to compete in 3 dances in novice and I haven't learned my novice steps at all yet.

But, I am going to that feis, gosh darn it, cause I still need to get my slip jig and treble jig into novice. Honestly, I still can hardly believe that I got my Reel, Light Jig and Hornpipe into Novice. But yeah.

I have got to drill this week. I am thinking of cutting my loses on the novice dances and just focus on doing well on the other two and place well in them, and pull all of them up to novice, and then really prepare for the summer competition season.

In good news, though, my TC has suggested I start coming a bit earlier on my Saturday sessions, so I can actually start dancing with the Novice class. That is thrilling to me. Mainly because I can start not having to dance with the new influx of 4 year olds. But also, so I can get away from that gosh-darned evil 8 year old that keeps making fun of me when she think's I'm not noticing! Silly kid - I've got 20 years on her, there is no eye roll too subtle to escape my notice. But I digress - I am hoping to see more progress in the coming months.

But in the continuous struggle of Adult Irish dance woes,  I still really want my new shoes. But I also want a wedding cake. So much demand on my money, so little actual cash . . . oh well. On that note however, I will rap up tonight with this happy thought. . . .