Saturday, February 7, 2015

Live from North Coast Feis: with a prayer to Saint Bridget and a promise of Jamison

The good news is that I made it in time for my dances but the bad news is that I made it in time for my dances.

Came at lunch time. Less parking, more camping. Set up next to a nice family from my school. Didn't recognize me at first but no one does with the wig. Mom helped me with the cape, which admittedly is one of the hardest parts of being my own feis mom.

I am doing my reel and light jig (novice) and my slip jig (ab). Pray for my slip jig. It needs it.

If any one else is here come find me between stage c and d.


I apologize - I had every intention on live blogging updates throughout the day, but my phone, and it's lack of service in the basement had other plans. So, now, a post-feis recap:

1. Reel; What was I thinking? Competing against 13 other dancers, 3 from my school, actually all doing, y'know, novice steps. There am I, in my fumper, toodling along with my AB steps. At least I didn't screw my little baby steps up. That would have been double the embarresment.

A thought hit me, as I was dancing on the novice stage - I really don't get why some people where solo dresses at novice. I mean, it's like, it's only novice. I've gotten into novice. It's really not that big of an accomplishment. I mean it is, but it used to be you had to work your butt into PW before you could bust out the big guns. Oh well.

2. Novice Light Jig: Didn't make it to this comp. My slip jig ended in just enough time that I could have made it, but as I was running over to the other stage, I realized I could not get my light jig step straight in my head. It doesn't help that recently I learned a new one and in my stress/frenzy, I kept mixing them up. As the dancers were already lining up and I am desprertly trying to remeber how many back-two-thre-four/front-two-three-fours there are,  decided to cut my losses on that one. I'm ok with letting myself not compete, and avoid the embaressment on this one. I am sure I can nail it at the next feis.

3 AB Slip Jig - this was the one. Competition of 8, I think, maybe it was down to 7. Momentary panic as we are lining up "which to do, new step, old step, new step, old step . . . . shit I'm going first noooooo . . . okay, old step!" Some how miraculously, auto pilot took over and I didn't screw it up. There was a headless moment where my feet were just doing something that I am not even sure was Irish dance, but luckily it was while the judge was looking at the other dancer. *phew* not displeased, but not feeling 100% confident on it.

Went with the dance family that I was camped next to, to wait for results. Yah for having people to talk to! No joy on the reel. Would be lying is I said I wasn't disappointed, but I am firmly planted in the reality of that situation. Haven't been practicing, no novice steps. Again, not so worried, I'm ok with staying in novice for a while.

Finally found my slip jig results after waiting a while. And just like that, I placed out - 3rd out of 8. I'm not giddy, but I am certainly relieved.

Slip jig, I have conquored thee. . . .. no to up the game for the novice attack.

Cheers all - it's time for some celebratory Chinese food and alcohol.