Monday, October 10, 2011

New Feis, last feis?

I registered for a feis in November. It's a good way off and I am really hoping I follow through with my practice goals so I can actually place and deserve it. Especially as it might be my last feis for a while. At very least, most likely to be my last feis with my school, which makes me insurmountably sad. I love my school, but I cannot, in all good reason, decide to stay here in PA when there is no job or options here, just for my dance school. A job, a house, a whole life is waiting for me in OH, and a new dance school, which maybe I will love as much, but I somehow doubt it. This is how much I love my school - when I asked my TC if for the three months over the summer that I will be back in state for work after I move, if I may still come to class, just so I can stay in shape, she didn't even hesitate to say "of course" and upped the anty by telling me that they would just drill my new steps with me, rather then try to teach me their steps. <3 x a million. It's that sort of kindness that I can't help but love. . .

Once again, I can't help but juxtapose this situation with how it would be if I were a younger dancer. Moving to another state would be the end of the world as I knew it, and not just in regards to dance class. As an adult, it's just the start of a whole new world, and just then end to a chapter.

At any rate, I am nervous about going to a new school. Nervous that they won't be as nice, that they won't be as patient with me. Nervous that I won't have such cool people in my class. But at the same time there is always hope. New beginnings always have hope.

So, here we go gang, count down to the next feis

Coyle Feis, T-minus 35 days

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