Sunday, May 26, 2013

Adventures in being my own Feis Mom, Part 1

So the double header weekend of doom is done. Those who are on my facebook page got the play-by-play, but I figured I would do a full report here.

And away we go.

Day One:

I didn't get out of work until 1:00am Saturday morning, and having remembered while at work that there were a pile of things I would need, a late night store run was in order. Thank the Lord that there is a 24 hour walgreens right across the street from my apartment, sparing me from walmart. So, after make up, more hair bands, bobby pins, hair clips, mousse, hairspray, new water bottle, camp chair and a can of red bull were purchased, I made it home. Knowing that I would do better to stay up and pack then sleep to the last minute, I stayed  awake arranging everything. And let me just take a moment to say - I don't know how people end up taking like a full roller suit case plus duffel plus make up bag plus dress bag. I mean, admitedly I could have used a *bit* more space then I ended up having in my one knapsack and dress bag, but as I don't have a pack-mule/parent to carry all my crap for me, I figured packing light was a virtue. And no kidding - I fit my entire feis experience into this . . .

Yep. No kidding. And that is everything I could possibly need. Hard Shoes, Ghillies, wig, makeup, hair crap, dance dress . . all of it. I thank my bad-ass awesome wig box. I am inordinately proud of it. I "made" it myself and fits my wig, headband, hand mirror, bobby pins, hair ties and make up (I only bring the bare essentials),  and keeps it all organized too. And the whole box fits in the bottom of my bag! Remind me to do a whole post dedicated to this wig box. Anyhoo, it brings me to "Being your own Feis Mom tip 1"; Pack light, pack tight, pack smart, but always make room for a towel.

The reason for the towel? Well let me rewind here a bit. So, after about 2.5 hours of sleep I sleep through my alarm, and rush out of the house 15 minutes later then planned. With a judicious application of speeding, I still made to the feis by the time I wanted to be there. Checked in, and set up my lonely little single chair camping space. Crack open my red bull, whip out the wig box and start getting to work on attaching the scalp poodle, trying to not envy the kids that just get to sit there while their mother does all the work. My attempt was successful; however, as I stood to jump around and make sure that it would stay put in action, I might have accidentally knocked over the can and spilled pretty much all of the 8.3 oz of heart-attack-in-a-can all over the floor. Hence, why I was wishing for a towel. Douglas Adams, you would be ashamed of me. An obliging hoodie took one for the team and served as a mop.

That was not the best omen for the start of my day, but I let neither it, nor my entire lack of friends/companions to get me down. Anthems are sung, dress is put on and a merciful dance mom camped next to me was kind enough to help me zip.

I had about three groups before my first dance, so I pretty much just go to chill at my stage. Light jig was up first. I am usually most confident about my light jig, but looking back now, I was still half asleep and was not really pushing it. Reel was next. Got through it and felt good. Can't say it was the *BEST* I could have done, but I was pleased that I didn't space out on the step and flub the whole thing. Slip jig was next and I gave it a miss. I had been practicing it all week but I have learned something about my self. I never crammed before exams in school - I could never learn that way. My logic was either I knew it or I didn't, and even if I stressed out and crammed before an exam, I would forget it all under the pressure. My dancing is the same way. I spent the whole  week drilling both my slip and my treble jig, but I knew, if I got up there infront of the judge, both dances would just be gone and I still have a little bit too much pride for that. Brings me to "Being your own Feis Mom tip 2" Know your own limits. I can run on 2 hours of sleep. I can shlep all my own stuff. I can even sew my own dance dress, but I can't be responsible for all this AND stress myself out about dances I don't know fully yet. So I never checked in for Slip or Treble Jig. Hornpipe came last, and that was a happy note to end on. For all I used to LOATHE hornpipe, it's kind of becoming one of my favorite dances.

So, all that work to get there, get the wig, makeup and dress on, sign in for dances and wait, and it was all over and done with in under an hour. Strip back out of the dress, into the warm-ups, change back into sneakers, and head to the results board.

Be not at all shocked, but rather pleased that your number is on the results boards as fifth for light jig (I started late, so right there I was pretty sure I was out of the running for top 3.) But I at very least wasn't last, and warrented my number on the board and a lovely ribbon.

And then nearly fall over when I see "1496" written in the 2nd place slot for Reel. Freak out internally, double take to make sure it's not a typo. See it there again. Walk away. Call boyfriend and tell him that you think you got second. Go to vendor tent. Buy an overpriced tee shirt and a number holder (which, for some reason you had never gotten around to purchasing before.) Walk back to the results.

To add insult to injury, they have now posted hornpipe results up, and once again "1496" is sitting squarely in the 2nd place slot. Calmly walk over to a secluded corner, squeal quietly to self, while jumping up and down like you are being attacked by crazy bees, compose yourself, then walk back to check the boards yet AGAIN, because you still can't believe it. Stroll over to the medals distribution and tell the lovely ladies there that you think you won some medals. Try to act your age as they tell you "yes, you got 2 seconds and a ribbon for your fifth place." Thank them profusely, and walk away, calmly. Because, "Being your own Feis Mom tip 3;" Dignity, always dignity.

I am not saying don't indulge in some giddy excitement, but try not to gloat. You don't want angry feis moms accusing you of stealing away medals from their wonderful babies and being a sore winner. What's more, do you really want the world know the evil thoughts of "HAH! Suck on that, you limber, fleet-footed fifteen year olds! You just had 2 mdeals and a ribbon yanked out from under you by an old woman!"  . . . Yeah, I try to not be generally hated. And lord knows, I have NO friends in this region anyway.

I went home shortly after that. Before passing out for a five hour nap, I forced the boyfriend to take me out for a celebratory Buffalo Chicken Mac n'Cheese melt and a Pint. Which brings me today's win:

 I will catch everyone up on day 2 of being my own Feis Mom tomorrow. . . .

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