Friday, December 24, 2010

Can Santa bring me better Turnout?

Dear Santa,

Let me just start with, I've been a very good Irish Dancer this year. I've gone to all of my classes (except one, and that was becuase I wasn't feeling well and just didn't have the gas money) and practiced very hard. I have my steps written down, and even when I can't drill them, I still study them and try to memorize them. I've paid all my class fees on time and even ordered school spirt wear (which, really, wasn't that much of a hassle if I have to be completely honest.) I've even practiced in the back office at work when it was slow, despite the copier quite patently trying to kill me.

I know lots of dancers are asking you for lots of things. New pair of shoes, a nice shiney wig. Perhaps the overly presumptious will even as you for a Solo Dress. And I'll admit, all of those things would be nice and I totally wouldn't say no . . .. but all I really want is something small.

I want for my gosh-darned heels to stay pointed out like they should. If you could just see your way to helping me with this (I know it's not a tangible gift but if you can magically shit out toys for every single child in the world AND magically deliver them all in the space of a few hours, then I don't see how you couldn't just streatch the magic a bit) I will continue to be the best dancer I can be.


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