Sunday, January 2, 2011


I was just a touch incapacitated yesterday, so, only a day late, I am posting my Irish Dance resolutions.
The following is a list of things I am DETERMINED to improve, achieve or accomplish.

1; Improve my turnout - I've complained about it before, and sure when you have thighs as wide as mine, it makes that whole heel to heel, straight foot, heels pressed out thing kind of difficult to do without tipping over. Being slightly top heavy also doesn't help this (oy to the veh to be young and svelt again!) but it is completely accomplishable. Solution;  I have now taken to standing around in either first or second position no matter where I am. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea New Years eve with a fair amount of Bailey's in me (read above about tipping over), but hey, practice, practice, practice . . .

2; Increase Stamina - after having been back in class for four months now, I still don't have the energy I had when I had left four years ago. This may have to do with the 15 pounds I packed on. It may have to do with my crummy diet. But this too, is easily achievable. Solution; Add a little extra cardio in my week outside of class, and eat a more well rounded diet - things I should do for reasons other then dance too, so my resolve should be doubled.

3; Get more involved in class - let's face it. I am not a social person. I love socializing, sure, but I don't really do too well with the whole new people new situation. And sure I've been spending 1.5 hours with these people once a week for 16 weeks, but I'm lucky if I even remember their names. And sure, I've started getting a little more chatty and friendly, but I've yet to really make friends. It won't kill me to ask one of the others in the class if I can't remember what foot is going back and which is kicking.  Solution; Stop being such a gosh darned quiet wall flower! For the love of God, we all know I can talk like nobodies business!

So, all the above were the warm up, now comes the biggie that is least likely to happen

4; Place in my first Feis - I'm not settling for one of those dinky little "participation award" that will just sit around and clutter up the apartment. If I'm going to have trivial little knick-knacks lying around, they better mean something! I know, this is shooting high. I know, currently, I stand little to no chance of this. But if I follow through with 1-3 of the resolutions, I might just be able to pull this off.  The thing is, I don't want to be one of those adults that is just doing this for fun. There's nothing wrong with that, but that's not for me. I am having so much fun pushing myself to be better every class. I get giddy just thinking about placing high in competitions. I have dreams about qualifying to get my own Solo dress. So, I've got to bring it at any feis I attend, I intend to attend alot. . . .

So, stay tuned to track my progess on this all.
Slainte for 2011 all!

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