Friday, April 22, 2011

Shopping List

One of my teachers on Wednsday night recommended I get new ghillies. The ones I bought in September are still breaking in and it's still kind of hard to point my toe correctly in them. It was put forward to me that if I can't curl my toes under at this point, I'll never be able to, and it might just be that they are the wrong size. This may just be. And honestly, at this point, if all it would take to make my feet look prettier would be a new pair of shoes, then it would be well worth it.

But here's the thing . . . I just had to buy a new car. Car insurance raised accordingly. Gas prices continue to do their best Plunkett & Macleane impersonation. Oh, yeah and all this is in addition to eating and having a roof over my head. Y'know. The same ol' story.

And of course, after having done hours upon hours of research into diffrent brands/makes/styles of shoes, it would of course have to be the most expensive style out there that will actually maybe help the sad little shape of my foot. I mean, I could buy a cheaper pair, but it would be really more of the same, wouldn't it?

And frankly, if The Boy finds out that there is one thing to add to my already expansive Dance related shopping list, he might have a coronary and die.

Speaking of the list, here is just a sample;

- Sock Glue - sounds so trivial, but I need some and I can think of a million other things those $10 could be used for.
- New Sports bra - I've got 2. They work ok. But one itches and the other is starting to stretch out.
- tank for under my leotard - cause I will be damned if I am going to stay zipped up in a long-sleeved turtle-neck creation of Satan in a huge crowd between dances.
- Make-up - cause I spent $50 on getting "good" make-up from Sephora, only to have it be TOTALLY not my colour. Fail Sephora, Fail.
- Number holder thinger - cause something so small really can be that important.
- Back up poodle socks - I've got my dingy old pair, my shiny new pair, but I still fear getting to the Feis and realizing that I am in fact sockless.
- Atheltic Sandals - I finally found my dream pair at target, and they are only $16. Problem is, they are $16. If I can't justify $10 for sock glue, how can I swing $16 for sandals.

and thats just the larger items. I still need all the fussy little stuff. Bobby pins, saftey pins, a new bottle of ibuprofen, maybe some elastoplasts, new filter for my water bottle. . . .

I'm thinking of setting up Charitable Trust to fund poor Irish dancers, lol . . . your donation of poodle socks will be tax deductable. . .


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