Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We have sock glue, can we have wig glue?

So class both managed to soothe my wracked nerves and remind me of how much I have to get done in less then three days.

First of all, my decision to NOT compete in hardshoe this time round = brilliant. It's endurance week and I tanked in treble jig and hornpipe. So, breathe a sigh of relief that I didn't over estimate my skills.

After practicing all day today, I am proud to announce that I can no somewhat successfully dance my second slip jig - on the right foot. So, I am at least 50% closer on that

The whole light jig paranoia - So I do know light jig. Like could probably do it in my sleep. But I am still wondering - how? All my other steps have a certain travel path around the stage. I am pretty sure I've never done anything other then stand there and 'cross-out' four times . . .

I also, last night, did a trial run of the whole costume, with wig. It's a pretty decent look. My butt definitly looks a little 'fluffier' then I'd like, and hopefully I can shed some water weight so the leotard doesn't look so bad. On the wig side of things, it looks great . .  now if I can just get it to stay ON my head. I'm not sure bobby pins will cut it. Is super-gluing my wig to my head a viable option?

  T-minus 83 hours folks . . .

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  1. LOTS of hairspray. Don't wash your hair the night before the feis, maybe not for two nights before if you can bear to leave it. Coat your hair in hairspray - after you've put it into ponytails/buns but before you put the wig itself on. The combs need something to stick to and if your hair is lovely, clean and spray-free then it will just slide right out. I used this method and usually only needed four pins at the back (two either side) and two at the front (one either side).