Monday, September 10, 2012

Is your mom in the car?

First class since the summer session ended. All that wonderful quick learning I did back in July quickly flew right out of the brain box. By, I picked it up again, quick enough. I think. I really am enjoying my new school. TC is funny and good at explaining things, but at the same time not babying you, y'know. Sometimes, you need some one to just EXPECT you to do, right? The only thing I am missing is camaraderie. I mean I didn't really expect to be such good buddies with a bunch of 8 years olds as I was with all the girls in my adult class back in PA, but it's almost like I am invisible. If they notice me at all, it to shoot me either curious or dirty looks. I am not really sure what they are, but one kid certainly seemed to be giving me the stink eye tonight. But, thankfully, occasionally one of their tiny little souls will take pity on me. I was supposed to be off in a corner, going over second hornpipe step with another of the taller people, who seemed more content to ignore me (my mother's voice is telling me that maybe she was just as shy as I am, but I prefer to be super critical! lol) so I am trying to watch and do, when this little blond sack of energy smiles at me and says "Do you need some help". Her speed-of-light break down really didn't give much information, but it was just enough to get me moving, and then muscle memory kind of took me from there. Good thing too, cause not five minutes later, TC was back with me, asking how I was doing.

The only other social contact I had was the TC's Mum being super helpful and friendly, both during class and when I handed over my registration form and check, and then one of the midgets of my class as I was leaving. She was standing at the top of the stairs outside of the classroom, doing the classic child whine of "c'mon moooom" when she saw me walk by, keys in hand. "Is your mom waiting for you in your car??" She asked in shocked surprise, as it seems the general rule is parents actually have to come up to the classroom and escort their kids out. (most likely a good rule, not the nicest part of town).

I had to stop and think before my answer - not for what it would be, that was easy enough - but to really ask myself, Do I really look that young?? I mean, for the love of sweet baby Jay, my right boob probably weighs more then this kid! I even have a stylish, grown up haircut now and everything, no more pig tails. I just told the girl that my Mom lives in another state, and that I drive my own car. Hope I didn't sound like too much of a condescending bitch .. . ..

In other news, the more I have been stewing about this whole dress-making thing the more I've been thinking, why the heck not. I like to sew well enough, when the fancy strikes me, I have a decent eye for design and colour, I dance myself so I have a grasp on what is comfortable/functional/legal. Why can't there be something that is way fancier then simple a-line dresses with a bit of embroidery on them but that doesn't involve zebra print and but bows? Why can't there be dance dresses that flatter those with fuller figure, or even those who don't but still don't want to look like a dancing cupcake? Why do "mature" and "stylish" have to be at odds? Scouting out some patterns, coming up with ideas.

And then, in the vein of dance related projects . . .  methinks there might have to be an Irish Dance based novel somewhere in the mix of all the other stories I am working on right now. Cause lets face it, there are scads of children's books for the wee Irish Dancers, but what about the teens/adults/parents? They would love to read about the world they are passionate about just as much as the kiddies, right? Have some characters drilling down the dance floor in my head, even have the basis of a sub-plot. Just need the big, overall plot. Oireachtas sabotage? Competing school? Feis rigging? I can't really imagine there being any serious enough intrigue in the dance world to move a story along. That, and intrigue isn't really my style. I do NOT want to do a "Black Swan in Solo dress" kinda shtick. Maybe something as silly as some kind of barroom bet? Who knows. . . . .

Well, that's it for now I guess. Have to go scout out some food. Does anyone else get completely famished after class or is it just me?



  1. Don't forget about "the guy" in your "old" adult class :P is here to stock your creations when they come to life :)

  2. During my entire first year in the "kiddie" class I think maybe 3 children ever spoke to me! But it got better! I think they just needed time to realize that I really was friendly and interested in them even though I was big. Give it time, and I'm sure the kids at your new school will open up to you.

    (p.s. I've gotten the "Is your mom here today?" from PARENTS of other dancers!)

    1. Oh my! From the PARENTS!? That is pretty bad. The parents don't really say much to me either. I think they are as equally confused, only in the opposite way as their children - as in "Why on earth is someone that old dancing with my five year old?" lol