Monday, September 17, 2012

Someone's new best friend

So, for as much as I was commenting on the wee one's looking at me like I was a dragon last week, apparently I am hot shit this week.

No, seriously. I am standing in line, waiting my turn to drill my light jig, and the cute, roundy cheeked blondie next to me just randomly starts poking me and holding my hand! She babbles at me the way five year olds do, then even more randomly starts hugging me! Seriously, have never spoken a word to this kid a day in my life. I don't even know this kid's name and I am certain that she doesn't know mine. I mean, do her parents encourage her to show physical affection to complete strangers?? Lol.

There is also this other girl - I'd give her 13 at the maximum. She's also a little higher level then the wee ones, but like me, is using a few weeks with the babies to catch up, from what I overheard. And while neither of us have really spoken a word to each other, it was like she was taking drill cues from me all class. I count to 8, start my hop-23 drills, the does them in time with me. I break. She breaks. I start my leaps, she does them too. Maybe I should be, y'know, the adult here, and actually say HI next class or something. I know, radical thoughts, huh?

So, in actual dance news. I've been so thrilled with myself, with how well my hornpipe was going. So yeah, doing it to speed. NOT so much. My hard shoe class is with some older kids with some student teachers too. And wow, do I feel so SPED when I am drilling in a group of three and they are just breezing through the hornpipe, and I can't remember what the crap I am doing. At least I was doing alright with my first time out on New School's Treble reel. If only I can retrain my muscles that there ISN'T a treble after my tip hop downs. Or if I can remind myself that New School calls them Rallies. UUUGH. Terminology will be the death of me.

I guess that's it for the night gang. I am putting my feet up and letting the Darlin' Boy cook dinner tonight. I will be back on the exercise and practice regime tomorrow night.

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