Saturday, April 6, 2013

Updates from today


Class was good. Hornpipe remains solid. Reel is still good, when I remember what I am doing. Worked some more on the slip jig, but it continues to elude me. Treble Jig wasn't even touched so I don't want to think how rusty THAT is. On the social end, one little munchkin seemed more then a touch critical because I still do the "easy" light jig steps and the one little boy asked me for help tying his reel shoes. I was just glad they are starting to talk to me.

After class was better. Got a chance to catch up with TC, re: my upcoming competitions. She doesn't have any preference on what new hard shoes I get, as long as they help, rather then impede my dancing.As far as dresses go - there aren't any school rentals that would even remotely fit on me, so she gave me the go-ahead to just sew up something on my own. Kind of excited about that. I think she recommended black, but since she would rather see me in tights over poodle socks, I am going to see if she minds if I make it in school colours.  Got it sketched up and everything. YEAH! Can't wait.

Decided to play with my wig tonight, trying to figure out how to make it look better. I've been looking at old pictures and it clearly looks like it was put on by a beginer - well, cause it was. I've suspected for a while that it was because I've been putting it to far forward on my head. The problem with trying to fix that is that the length of my hair makes creating an anchor spot difficult. It either is too far forward or to far back. So tonight I experimented with pulling the hair back into the "too far" position, making sure it's tight, and then putting bobby pins in a nice middle spot, and then hooked the wig's comb into the bobby pins. I also made sure to keep some of my bangs out, and kept them pinned to the side, in kind of an Irish Dance emo-swoop kind of way, so I'm not all forehead and then *POOF* EXPLOSION OF CURLS!

This . .. .

Was the end result. Still needs a bit more work, mainly just to make sure it won't go flying off the top of my head whilst in motion. But yeah, I think it is looking better. It has also inspired my newest "Adult Irish Dance win". . .

Cause sometimes, I feel like it looks like these little girl's necks are going to buckle under the weight of the hair. And it's the same wig that looks reasonable on a teen/adult dancer, but put it on a  10 year old, and they might as well be a bobble head. If a child tried wearing my wig, even though it's shorter, and not terribly full, I am not even sure how it would stay on her head. And sometimes, after wearing it a while, even I begin to feel like my head is being consumed by a small, ravenous animal that has been cunningly strapped to my head with combs and bobby pins.

So anyway, projects for this week include trying to score some fabric, trim some of the frizzies off my scalp-poodle, drill on my turn out and keeping on my toes and in general, not panicing about the double header of doom feis weekend being a little less then 2 months away, and attempting to be proactive instead.

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