Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dress Sizes: A Quandry . . .

Why do dresses in the Irish Dance world all get sized by age? I realize, that we dance divided by age, but not all ages, nor even age ranges wear the same size. Is it because kid's clothes tend to be sized by age and most dancers are kids? But then what about adults? "Dress suitable for senior lady" . . . that could mean anything, ANYTHING! And even on the kids sizes. "Will fit 13-15?" Not only was my shape COMPLETELY different from everyone else my age whilst in that pre-teen bracket, it shifted DRASTICALLY between those ages? People also post measurements usually - pretty detailed measurements too, and that is significantly more helpful, but an at a glance perusal of the title/heading of a for sale post, it doesn't much help does it. I mean, even with my current, much beloved, second places, I am about a million miles to go til I get a solo dress, but I like cruising the ads on Dance Again, just like everyone else. And I don't even know where to start looking!!  16 and Over? Well, I am much the same size as I was when I was 16, but my 16 year old self had the figure of a 30-something mother of 4 so I don't really know if that catagory works. And then to look at the pictures, you have no real idea of size until you open it up, when they tell you the dress was work by a petite 16 year old with the measurements of  22,16,23 and you feel like you either wire your jaw shut and just stop eating anything solid or just go all Shylock and remove a pound (or 2) of flesh in an ill-advised home lypo-suction job.

Why can't normal dress sizes be used? Like really! "Stunning Size 00 dress"? Know it's not the one for me "Elegant dress of an appropriate size for a dancing hippo?" Might be a bit loose in the hips, but I know I can tailor it down and might be worth a look.

Oh well, add to the list of other things that make NO SENSE and just get out my measuring tape if I want to know what size dress to shop for.

That's it . . . sorry, this was kind of a pointless post, but it just crossed my mind.

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