Saturday, June 15, 2013

Creativity: Wig Box

When I first bought my wig two years back, I, like all other wig purchaser, found myself in need of something to store it in. After looking around at all the options of wig boxes (I've seen people store them in fancy specialty boxes all the way to large tupperware containers) I, being me, decided to do things the hard way.

I used to a be a crafty type person on a regular basis and I felt the crafting itch, so I decided to "make my own" wig box.

I started the idea with the blank, round, paper mache hat style boxes you can get at any old craft store. The idea was to buy one of those and decoupage all sorts of awesome Irish Dance pictures and inspirational quotes onto it. But when I got to the store I was waylaid by this beauty:

It being square wasn't the beauty of it - it having a tray WAS! Unlike the round versions, this one screamed "I'll hold your wig AAAND keep you bobby pins, hair bands, etc, organized"

It was bought, it was filled and it when two years just being the plain paper box, held closed by an over sized rubber band.

Finally, a few weeks ago, the crafty itch got to be too much, and I finally figured out that I wanted to ditch the decoupage  idea (just this time around, I want to go back to that for the next box) and go for a hand painted look.

Another trip to the craft store, and paints were purchased. I won't bore you with how long I agonized over colours but I settled on 2 of my favourites, blue and silver.

So without further ado, the finished project:

This version only has a ribbon that ties around the box to keep it shut/make it easier to carry. Mach 2 is going to have actually attached handles and maybe a latch.

One side
and the other side and a glance of the top

The tray holds bobby pins, hair bands, safety pins and the minimal amount of make up that I use. That's really my favorite part, makes packing so much more compact

Under the tray fits my wig, neatly bundled in it's hair net (think Mach 2 will be cloth lined as well), and I can usually fit my headband and a small hand mirror in with the wig as well

So, there is is. I can't wait to experement with making different sizes, give it different styles, ect. Maybe I'll even do custom orders/sell them at some point. Maybe they aren't for everyone. Some people will always like the snazzy, zippered, not awesomely handmade wig boxes, and that's cool. But I love it. So, there you go. Adventures in craftyness!!


  1. Loving this! Thank you for sharing! I just bought my daughter's first full wig and we're very excited! =)

    1. Ooh! Congrats on the new wig! It's probably soon time to upgrade mine. Hope the pictures gave you some ideas.