Monday, September 28, 2015

Class report 1

So I told a lie the other week - TONIGHT was my first class. We were on an alternate schedule for 2 weeks so I couldn't make it.

Class was good, it was good to be back, even if it was so hot and I was so over heated I felt like I was going to puke. I didn't, so we will consider that a win.

Amazingly, I remembered more of my SPD then expected. On the down side, I totally space-cadetetted, on my new light jig that I had started learning at the end of last year. The silver lining to all this is they are both dances that I need to work on, specifically SPD, which is my last dance still in AB. Light Jig is just a good place to start the ball rolling on my plans to dominate novice.  I already know the step, I just need to remember it, and, according to the teen teacher's helper that was drilling me, make it more bouncy, hop into the air more, keep my feet pointed down on my kicks, pull my knees up higher- pretty much everything. She was actually super helpful and sweet. I don't mind when she is the one drilling me; she actually pretends to laugh at my stupid jokes and is abundantly patient with me when I am literally crawling on the floor out of breath, or when I am completely fumbling the step I had right just a minute ago.

I am taking a lot of signs and opportunities this year. I only signed up for once class a week. I know this may sound counterproductive to you multi-classer types, but it always ended up being "Eh, I am not up for class today, I will just go hit the Wed. night class - wedsnday classes are better for me anyway cause that is the adult class." And then, when Wednesday night would roll around "Tonight's class is just so late and I have been at work all day, and I have to work in the morning and and and . . . ." Needless to say I had the exact same excuses for Saturday classes too.

So, one class a week, all or nothing. If I don't go tonight, I don't go this week.

I have also resorted to self-bribery.

If I don't skip a single class (barring actual illness and previous commitment) between now and December, I will treat myself to some new dance clothes and sports bras.

If I don't skip a single class (again, skip by definition meaning not going just cause I am lazy or moody, not any valid reason) for the entire year, I will let myself consider buying a new wig at the end of the year.

If everything goes through on this house that we made an offer for, and we get in there and I have darling husband build me a practice floor, there will be some other kind of bribery to get me to practice at least 2 times a week between classes. Just not sure what that bribe will be. I am open to suggestions. Any thoughts?

Goals until next weeks class: review the second half of the first SPD step, and remember to make my LJ more bouncy.

Literally taking this one step at a time here. . . .

Cheers all, I am exhausted.


  1. I think committing to one class a week is perfect for where you are at right now!! Well done!

    What other things do you do to support the dancing?

  2. Great to read an update! Sounds like you are doing well! In my school, we only have one adult class a week and I love it. I'm trying to practice more during the week, but I feel so tired at night after taking care of my kids and the house. However, last week I was able to videotape the head teacher of my school, the ADCRG, dance the set part of the St. Patricks Day so I could practice and it really helped! I now have the set part down and having the video really motivated me. One class a week is about all I can manage anyway, so you should be fine. :)

    1. Amen! And I don't even have kids, so you go girl! You are what I want to be when I grow up lol.I think a big thing that helps, and a habit I need to get back into, is practicing the little things, even if I am too tired to actually PRACTICE. Y'know, while I am doing dishes, do toe drills. When I am walking back and forth across the flat for various reasons, do so turned out. Won't drill your steps, but let's face it, form is one of my biggest struggles.

      I would love to get video, but sadly, my technology is so sad I shouldn't even try. I try to take notes. Sounds silly, but if I can remember the "song" to the step, I am able to practice it better.

    2. Aww, thank you! That was very sweet of you to say. :) Sometimes I am really tired after a day with the kiddos, but if I can manage to practice a little, it feels good! You are right; practicing those little things is so important, especially for a feis. I practiced last night and realized that I know my steps, I just need to work on my form and technique. Making sure I lift my leg up in the back when I am doing over-2-3s or skips is something I need to work on. Turn out exercises are great. I've taken a couple videos with my phone, and I love watching them. Helps the song and steps stay in my head. Taking notes is a great idea! That's how I manage to remember the beginning of my slip jig and single jig; they are really similar so I took mental notes. Little things help!